A little about French Kiss 

French Kiss has been around for ages providing  Brides and Grooms to Spouses seeking their perfect partner. Each of our  Brides and Grooms hail from various backgrounds, vary in talent and languages, as well as race, species and orientation.
The point of French Kiss Mail Orders is to provide those seeking a marriage with a male the perfect choice of selection with the hopes that there will be someone amongst them who will pique their suitors interest. 

 The first floor of the French Kiss Boarding House and Agency is beautiful and elegantly done, soft colors and chandelier lighting give it a very classy look. The Boarding house takes guests through a very gorgeous foyer that opens up to a large double staircase and spacious first floor halls. These halls take guests to a beautiful lounge area, the community area where most of our brides and groom can meet with prospective husbands. Through a large archway lies a very lovely bar area where cocktails and a vast selections of wines can be served throughout the visit and tours.

On the other side of the first floor is the dining hall and ballroom for soirees , the other side of the first floor is also equipped with an indoor heated pool as well as a fitness center for those of our brides or grooms looking to keep in shape during their stay in the boarding house.

The Main Staircase and Both Floors

The second floor of the French Kiss Boarding house  and Agency takes you up the large staircases at te entry of the house. The double stairs lead you to the east and west wing of the house. The East Wing contains multiple doors all of which are bedrooms for the Brides and Grooms at French Kiss. Most of the mail orders that have not found spouses currently live at French Kiss Boarding House.  Each room is as elegant as the rest of the place and outfitted towards the needs of each mail order. 

The West Wing of the second floor simply consists of storage for the place, a large library, as well as the main office for management. The management office is where the documentation and marriage licenses are issued out through the Agency itself after the cost and  proper paperwork has been filled out.

The Garden at the back of the place is large and spacious, the perfect place for a midnight stroll or a nice  garden party. It is often used for their outdoor events and summer gatherings.